The Wheels Keep Moving

How many of you know that God is always working. He is constantly pouring out so we can learn, constantly pushing us to grow into the men and woman he wants. In case you did not know I have been serving in Kenya the past 6 months as an overseer for Pottersfield Ministries and can I tell you it has been just that; a time of learning, listening, watching, alongside many more. By adapting these lifestyles into living I have seen and witnessed my life grow more and more into His image. Never has it been easy nor has it been what I wanted but I’m reminded day after day God never looks at comfort or location all he wants is my heart, I put walls up that have no foundation and He keeps tearing them down. God sees what man can’t and He knows what man doesn’t and so often I am quick to forget He is God and Chris is not.
What two things are we confident in that happens everyday? We know 100 percent that the sun gives light in the morning and the moon shines at night. ( of course unless you live in Alaska where the sun shines half the year) I wake up every morning now confident that God is going to teach me something this day. This has lightened the load of my day so much knowing that God in His knowledge, His wisdom, His majesty wants to teach me something. The lessons have varied from small to large, hard to easy and old to new but God has stayed the same through it all. God tells us in Philippians to be confident of this very thing, that He who has begun a good work in you will complete it until the day of Jesus Christ. Chapter 1 verse 6. I love that God’s work is not complete until Jesus comes back, daily my God is on the move in the heart and lives of the believer and does not stop pursuing even when we ourselves turn away. Day after day season upon season God wants to teach me and you He wants to show us new things, He wants to give us new eyes to walk through new doors. He is constantly showing Himself to me but am I always willing to adapt or accept? No matter if you have are a seasoned veteran in your walk or a new believer, God wants someone who is open and willing to walk in His ways.
Kenya has been a time if so much learning for me and I am looking forward to what He wants to teach me in this next season as I will be leaving Kenya tonight for America. I look back and Gods past faithfulness and know He wont let me down in the future, He is the same God always. The mission is always the same but location may change, Paul was a man who had to adapt this into his lifestyle and if God gave him the will and strength to get through why cant he do this for me.


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